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How to Sing with Your Diaphragm

Do you know how to sing from your diaphragm or know what a diaphragm for singing is?

You already can breathe properly while using the diaphragm. You wake up each morning and you are alive because your diaphragm works by itself. Notice when lying down in bed, your rib cage looks as if it’s moving up and down. Up to take in breath; down to sing, speak or release air. You need just the right amount of support or air pressure for singing. All you have to do is just think about air while singing. Instead of training your breathing muscles, let’s apply to singing what is really important. Instead of spending lots of time teaching people to train there rib cage muscles what to do, I train singers to use the inner muscles of the larynx (to find your larynx, place your fingers or a hand on the bump in the throat area and say words or sing something). These inner muscles are the ones that control your vocal cords (also called folds) which make your sound. I teach you to strengthen these inner muscles so they can keep your vocal cords coming together rapidly ( for instance, singing A above middle C, your cords or folds vibrate 440 times per second). Once mastered, you can progressively sing over a large vocal range with Ease.

Once you train these muscles to hold together or come together your breathing will become more regulated automatically. The thing to remember is that correct breathing is actually the effect of holding your vocal cords together. I give you lots of tools to help you do experience this effect; tools tailored to meet your needs for your vocal type. These exercises ‘Cause’ you to experience it. The ‘Effect’ is your correctly breathing. You will
practice these in order to train your inner larynx muscles. See my earlier blog regarding breathing where i quote an article by John Henny, studio city california voice instructor and coach.

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