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Why Didn’t the Voice Lessons Work Better For Me? Part II

If you are getting started singing in a contemporary style, then you can really go wrong when you try to sing from the diaphragm (at first).

Let me explain.  Of course you should use your diaphragm and abdomen while singing.  However, the notion of singing with “more support” is well-intentioned because it is supposed to create vocal power and balance in the vocal cords. The idea came from classically trained singers.  It is much needed by an opera singer who sings demanding arias.  That’s okay for skilled singers.

But when inexperienced singers apply the same intensity there is a problem. The rush of air against the vocal cords causes the new contemporary singer ‘s vocal cords to break apart or come apart, OR the cords jam together in order as they try to resist the air pressure. Vocal imbalance is the result.

Vocal cords can’t handle the large amounts of air early in training; they have to build up over a good period of time.  Remember this:  Power comes from how much air the vocal cords can skillfully resist, not how much air you send to them.  It takes time and patience to make progress in lessons week after week, keeping in mind the goal is a balanced consistent sound in both low and top notes, and it really pays off.

I’m back with more reasons your lessons may not work so well for you.

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